Additional Links of Interest

Additional Links of Interest


Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl

Together We Served

Fred's Place

Official USCG Home Page

USCG Register of Officers

Jack's Joint (Great Site for CG Stories & Articles)

Coast Guard Barque Eagle (WIX-327)

Activities Far East

Grand Haven CG Festival

Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard

Coast Guard's Vietnam

Coast Guard Dot Org

Military Pay

Coast Guard Lightship Sailor's Association

USCG Human Resource Services Center

 Retiree Newsletters Online

        The Deep South by: Ruud Leeuw

CG Aviation History    

Vets Roll Call

CG Patches

Veterans Benefits for Seniors

Tips for Your Next PCS Move

Service Membersí Legal Rights While on Active Duty

Military and Veterans Discounts

Sesame Street for Military Families

Operation American Dream: A Guide to Buying and Keeping Your Home in the Military

Employment Resources for Military Spouses